Sweets for Summer

These are regular cupcakes.

But we can actually transform these regular cupcakes into ice cream cupcakes!
The waffle cones we used. 
Voila! Ice cream cupcakes that will perfectly suit your sweet cravings, especially during the summer! According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, sweet foods such as cupcakes, IF TAKEN MODERATELY can actually nourish "Qi"(essential energy).

       I've been searching for great recipes for cupcakes for the past weeks to satisfy my family’s sweet palate. Since it is blazing hot here in the Philippines during summer, I thought that a perfect way to represent what summer is all about was to transform our regular cupcakes into ice cream cupcakes! We put some icing inside the cone, placed the cupcake on top, and decorated it with colorful sprinkles. So pleasing to the eye, so delectable to the taste.


  1. They're beautifully decorated!

  2. WOWWWWWWW THEY LOOK AWESOME!! how did you doooo that! :))

    wonderful you should have it patented :))

  3. Thank you very much Toni Rose! :)