Mexican Cuisine

Mexicali Restaurant

Sofas and tables outside the resto

The bar

The dining area
Ground Beef Burrito

The very affordable  and delicious Cheese and Garlic Quesadilla
My all-time favorite dish- Chicken Enchilada with Rice and Salad
      As part of our BS Nutrition curriculum, we the students are required to observe the operation and management of some food service establishments. A year ago, my group was fortunate enough to have been accepted to work at Mexicali Restaurant located at the Alabang Town Center. Mexicali serves fun-filled, flavorful authentic Mexican cuisine. The Mexican ambiance of the place is accentuated by the yellow lights which give a little more glow and brightness to the dining area. Outside of the resto, there are sofas and tables for people who would like to smoke, drink, and chill the days and nights away. The nonstop Mexican music floating cheerfully in the air makes you want to swing your head and shoulders to that Latin beat. Mexicali is a cozy and laid-back place with scrumptious dishes- A MUST TRY. Olé!!!


  1. Best chilli con carne especially when eaten with their latin burger with jalapeño.