Pizza and pasta night

Regular spaghetti noodles. Some of my health-conscious friends prefer whole-wheat pasta. Though whole-wheat pasta tastes a little different from the conventional pasta made with refined and processed flour, it contains more dietary fiber and other nutrients, thus, a healthier alternative.
Fresh basil leaves. We get our supply from our very own small herb garden. Basil is a bestseller culinary herb in our home, especially since my sister’s most acclaimed dish is pesto pasta. Our relatives and friends swear by my sister’s expertise on this dish. Promise, I will feature her pesto pasta in my future blogs. Basil contains many chemical compounds that are known to have disease preventing properties. Also, it is a good source of Iron.

      Of course, the tomato sauce. Tomato not only satisfies our taste buds but also helps fight diseases because of its Lycopene content, a vital anti-oxidant.
The final product. Yummmm!
What's a pasta without a pizza? This simple pizza has grated cheese, hotdogs, ham, onion, tomato sauce.     
         I am so thrilled because this is my first blog. I can't wait to share with you all my food adventures. So last night, my sister and I decided to prepare a pizza and a pasta for dinner. She did the pasta, which was Spaghetti with tomato sauce, lean ground beef and fresh basil, while I made the pizza. She always cooks spaghetti, Italian style (not sweet). The rich sauce was made more special with the sweet aroma of chopped fresh basil leaves Please take note: Make sure to add the basil leaves towards the end of your cooking so that the volatile oils will not be dissipated by heat. For the pizza, I used tomato sauce, onions, hotdogs, ham, and grated cheese. A very simple and easy-to-do meal for your loved ones.


  1. Good luck with your blog! You are off to a great start :) I love the photo of the pizza with hot dogs - I will have to try that.

  2. Thank you Jo and Sue! :) You should!

  3. you made the pizza too???? :(

    your friends are so lucky