Sweets for me and Mary Poppins

“A Spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
The medicine go dow-wown
The medicine go down
Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way”

Mary Poppins and her songs, particularly this one, make me feel good. There can’t be any other way to put into words the comfort that I feel when I treat myself to some sweets. For weeks, I have been working so hard with my BS Nutrition classmates (there are 5 of us) in a far-flung barangay in the mountains for our practicum.  I needed a break. I needed some comfort.
As I nurture my undying love for sweets, I am also slowly embracing a love for fashion. Yesterday, December 3, 2011, I went to the Bloggers United 2 at the Global City with my friends Ariana, Ana, Isa, Ela, Danielle, Diane, Kate, and Irene.  It is one of this year’s most awaited events, especially for people whose love for fashion is greater than anything else. It is an event where fashion bloggers all over the Philippines come together to put up a special bazaar. From what I’ve heard from friends who attended the Bloggers United 1 last May 2011, there was a booth called Sophie’s Mom Bakery and Confectionary that sold yummy sweets and delectable breads. Unfortunately, there was none in this event. So after our eyes had feasted on fashionista clothes, shoes and accessories, we headed to Sophie’s Mom in Makati.
Sophie is a 17-year old girl who loves baking and was taught how to do it by her doting Mom, Marie Antoinette ‘Tonette’ Rosal. 
Inside Sophie's Mom shop! 
     Photo from Sophie's Mom Facebook Page

Christmas is just around the corner at Sophie's Mom
Dear Santa would be delighted to see these.
Christmas cupcake decors
Their famous cupcakes

Tres Leches with Fresh Mangoes

The all-time favorite Red Velvet cupcakes at Php50 each

Very cute packaging for Mochi Truffles

Each box contains Mochi truffles (5 pcs). These are Nutella Mochi Truffles. Php 150 each box

It was worth the swing to Sophie’s Mom. Indeed, their sweets made the fatigue in my body disappear. And yes, as Aunt Mary said, in a very delightful way. Sophie’s Mom is located at No. 8760 Santol St., San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati, Philippines. If you would like to know more about Sophie’s Mom, please visit their official Facebook page: Sophie's Mom .


  1. My sister, Tonette, always had incredibly creative talents. Her interior design and craft talents are probably superior to her baking talents and her IT skills. We kind of experimented with mochi ice cream when they visited us a couple of years ago here in DC.

    I also noticed that you're a UPLB student. Our grandfather on our mom's side was a professor there when he was a young man. He taught agronomy and I'm probably the only one in the family that inherited that talent with plants. He taught me how to graft plants. I raise bonsais in my spare time. If I had gone to school there, I would probably have tried developing fast-maturing species of hardwood trees.

  2. Hello! Thank you for your comment. I hope I could meet your sister someday. :) And yes, she has a creative mind. Will definitely try to visit Sophie's Mom again! :)

  3. i heard that their mochi ice cream is also good:)


  4. Hi Eunice! Yes, their mochi ice cream is so good! :)