Auntie Pearl's

Life as a university student is not complete without pizzas and burgers. After a tiring week of lectures, laboratory reports, research papers and exams, pizzas and burgers are the best stress relievers. But as a student whose daily sustenance depends mainly on weekly allowances from my payrents (a term invented by my mom’s friend for parents), I could only indulge in these comfort foods if the price is right!

A walking distance from the University of the Philippines Los Baños(UPLB) is an eating place called Auntie Pearl’s at Oregano Street corner Lemon Grass, Demarces Subdivision, Grove, Los Baños, Laguna. It is owned by an Italian named Frank DiBerardino and his Filipino wife Pearl.
The facade of Auntie Pearl’s at night. (Photo credit: Auntie Pearl's Facebook Page)
Auntie Pearl’s is celebrating its 1st anniversary this month. With its recent expansion, Auntie Pearl’s has been attracting more customers, not only because of its sumptuous food, but also because of its comfy ambience. It is fully air conditioned and the interior design is truly eye-catching. 

Uncle Frank makes the dough for the pizza. (Photo credit: Auntie Pearl's Facebook Page)

Last Friday, I gathered my high school classmates to unwind and ease into a gastronomic excursion at Auntie Pearl’s.

I ordered a solo Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza. The perfect combination of ingredients used creates a balance of flavor in each bite. Price: Php 69.00! 

            Meat Lovers (Php 399.00) for all of us to share.

A closer look at Auntie Pearl’s Meat Lovers pizza.

    My BFF Charmaine could not resist the very tempting Hotdog with Chili and Cheese (Php59.00)

Next time around, we will order flame-grilled burgers. Their best seller is the Jerry Belly Buster, Php 109.00 (left). (Photo credit: Auntie Pearl's Facebook Page)

Uncle Frank and Auntie Pearl, tornerò presto. Grazie! (I will be back soon. Thank you!)


  1. I could so go for a piece of that meat lover's pizza right now! It's tough to be a poor college student. We've all been there, but come out on the other side appreciating everything we've been given and all that we have. Enjoy your studies!

  2. When I went to uni, I live on MacDoland, KFC and pizza. If there is Auntie Pearl, sure I will go there instead!

  3. Hi Lynne! Thank you very much! :)

  4. Hi Veronica! Oh really? Me too!

  5. thanks for the nice write up about our resto! ciao, auntie pearl

  6. Those pizza's look really delicious. Your friends look like they are really enjoying themselves, so it must be a great hangout. I hope you enjoy your time at university. You will remember these years with fondness in the future. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Hi Hannah, I've given you an award, please checkout my blog. Congrats!

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