Japan Trip 2015 (Tokyo)

After a 5-year blog hiatus, I am finally back and I will be posting one of the best food trips I have ever had-- my 11-day trip to Japan last spring (April 2015).

Day 1: Tokyo, Japan


The dynamic city of Tokyo gave us a cold (literally) welcome. Donned in layered clothes and scarves, my mom and I roamed in awe of the stunning full-bloomed cherry blossoms or sakura at the Ueno Park. People were having hanami or the cherry blossom festival under the trees eating, drinking, singing, and chatting. It's a welcome respite from the harsh winter season in Japan. The fashion runway was everywhere in Tokyo, be it in Harajuku, Asakusa, the famous train stations and crossings. Dominant colors were black, gray, and shades of white and brown. I would love to sit there all day and watch them strut in, be it street style or haute goth with cute and floaty fabrics or the elegant and classy fashion style. 

Meanwhile, the city beams with high technology but still upholds the traditional Japanese culture.


And now, the best part of the trip-- FOOD.

Onigiri (rice ball)- made from white rice and formed into different shapes such as triangle or cylinder, often wrapped in nori (seaweed).

Japanese style fried chicken (left) and Yakisoba (right)
Bananas covered in chocolate and sprinkles
24-hour ramen restaurant in Shibuya

A very modern way of ordering ramen
The rich, creamy, and mouthwatering Tonkotsu Ramen. 
Harajuku-- home to aesthetically pleasing Japanese crepe shops

Ended day 1 with waffles topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream from Sembikiya, Tokyo's "uber-chic fruit parlor". 

And that was day 1 of my Japan trip. Tokyo is, indeed, an interesting travel destination.

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